Frequently Asked Questions

Our projected timeframe for completion is between 16 to 18 weeks, allowing for comprehensive flower drying or pressing, potential color adjustments, weather considerations (due to resin's sensitivity to cold or humidity), adequate curing periods, and availability of molds and how many pieces are being made.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please note that due to the impact on our production schedule caused by leaving our studio premises for pickups or deliveries, a service charge will apply for these requests. This charge helps cover the additional time and resources required to accommodate such arrangements.
Pickups or deliveries in a 10 mile radius are $25. Anything beyond that is $50, not to exceed 30 miles.

Are you able to pick up the flowers from me?

In the event of a mandatory evacuation of a hurricane, Feather & Arrow Flower Preservation will properly load and travel with all preservation orders. All drying bins, pressed boards, and resin molds will be secured and safely loaded during evacuation.

As our business grows, this procedure will likely change and customers will be notified.

Your studio is by the coast. What is your procedure in the event of a hurricane?

Yes, indeed we do!. It's important to note that while most artificial flowers respond well to the preservation process, silk flowers may not be suitable due to the transparency effect created by the resin on their petals

Do you preserve artifical flowers?

Yes! Personalization is available for MOST pieces for $25 per piece. Pre-designed options will be provided during the design process.
Custom requests can be made (like song lyrics) and pricing will be determined. 

Do you offer personalization?

Absolutely! Resin is the best option for florals that are already air dried due to how fragile they have become. Sending a photo of the flowers is suggested so we can better asses to make sure they will preserve well.

Bouquets can also be recreated! The client is responsible for the cost of the flowers needed, however processing time can vary based on available of flowers during that season.

My flowers are already dried and several years old. Can you still preserve them?

Of course! We are located in Bridge City, TX but we welcome flowers from across the nation! For those shipping flowers to us, we provide a comprehensive guide on packaging and safe shipping. It's important to note that fresh flowers must be shipped overnight to preserve their color and shape, which may involve higher shipping costs. Also, we offer shipping instructions tailored for pre-dried flowers..

Do you accept flowers from other states than Texas?