We are committed to preserving the significance of your wedding celebrations and cherished memories of a lost loved one. We are dedicated to capturing and immortalizing the beauty of special flowers. Through our meticulous process of resin encapsulation and pressed framing, we craft timeless pieces that evoke precious memories. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate these keepsakes into the heart of your living space, offering a professional and enduring portrayal of your most special moments.

Do you ever look to flowers as a means of a memory from a wedding, funeral or other special occasion? Flowers seems to have this immeasurable amount of significance that we want to hold onto forever. And what do we do?  Stick them in a book! Feather & Arrow was created on February 10, 2021.  This is the date that my grandmother passed. She was my best friend. I wanted something to be able to hold on to, and after a lot of research, as well as trial and error over the next couple of years, I was able to figure out a beautiful and professional way to preserve her flowers. 

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Cortney Colvin, founder and owner of Feather & Arrow Flower Preservation, is married to Matthew, also a business owner and pilot. They enjoy their family time, and never missing a beat with little league baseball, select baseball, tumbling and dance between their three beautiful kids!

Allison Hranicky is our production and marketing manager. She and Cortney have been best friends since 1988! She is married to Travis, a console supervisor. They enjoy traveling, the Houston Astros and cheering on their two incredible girls in powerlifting and select softball.

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